Douglas Skelton’s Thunder Bay

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It had been a while since I’d last read a book when I sat down with a copy of Douglas Skelton’s latest crime fiction novel Thunder Bay. When life gets busy the first things I tend to sacrifice to make up time are reading and writing. It’s much easier sitting down to watch the telly or something on YouTube than to read a book. This is mainly because it doesn’t require a whole lot of thinking on my part. I can just switch off. However, it doesn’t take long before I feel something is missing. 

Once I began reading Thunder Bay, I knew exactly what that something was. Excitement. Adventure. Drama. Every page in Thunder Bay provided those three things and once I had started reading it became almost impossible to stop. I read well into the early hours of the morning under the promise that the next chapter I read would be the last, only to read that next chapter and keep going. 

It’s not my fault. Really. I blame Skelton for his ability to create such a compelling story.

Set primarily against the backdrop of the fictional Scottish island Stoirm, Thunder Bay follows journalist Rebecca Connolly as she chases the story of a lifetime. 15 years after being tried for the death of his lover Mhairi Sinclair, Roddie Drummond has returned to Stoirm for his mother’s funeral. What Rebecca first thinks of as a sensational scoop soon reveals a dangerous web of lies woven into island life. 

Each character encountered in Thunder Bay is at once familiar and real. Skelton has fleshed out every one with flaws and vices, making them more than just words on a page. Skelton invites you into the most private aspects of his character’s lives, compelling you to read on as the mystery around Mhairi’s death unravels. 

At the heart of the story are four friends, torn apart by Mhairi’s death. Roddie, the suspected killer, Donnie, Mhairi’s former lover, and Henry, the lord of the manor. As Rebecca chases the story it soon becomes clear that the Roddie, Donnie and Henry know more than they let on.

So, if you are looking for a thrill. Searching for an adventure. I encourage you to snag yourself a copy of Thunder Bay and allow yourself to be swept away into a world of deceit, deception and intrigue . . .

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