Reading is a universal passion

When I first blogged for BOOKMARK back in 2013 I was still in high school. I was painfully shy and nervous about the whole experience (though I tried not to let that show). At the time I was dead set on becoming a journalist and saw BOOKMARK as a great way to combine my passion for both reading and writing. As excited as I was, I was also worried that the ‘adults’ weren’t going to take me seriously.

Actually being able to interview authors like Liz Lochead, Alex Gray, and many others soon taught me that my fears were unfounded. I was taken seriously by not only the authors I interviewed but by the amazing staff at BOOKMARK as well.

I believe it was all due to the fact that we shared a common interest in reading and writing, a past-time and profession that has the ability to transcend things people commonly see as barriers. What is special about reading and writing is that it has the ability to bring people together regardless of whether they are an author or a reader. It can bring people together who are interested in totally different genres and who hold contrasting views of the world. This is because we can all take away emotional experiences from the books we read. Books have the ability to make us laugh and cry and feel everything in-between. They have the ability to take us out of the mundane everyday into another world, regardless of whether that world is comprised of fact or fiction.

Now as a 23-year-old I can say reading and writing has provided me with opportunities and experiences like no other. It has built my confidence in myself. Early on in life it introduced me to amazing series that shaped my childhood like Michael Paver’s Chronicles of Ancient Darkness and Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl. Writing my own stories has given me a creative outlet like no other and keeping up with blogging has lead to fantastic opportunities with BOOKMARK.

How has reading and writing shaped your life?

If you’re interested in finding out more about BOOKMARK 2019 or looking to buy tickets click here.

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